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    Long before the West realized the magical power of massage, oriental country with inherent wisdom always used it. Throughout human history massage used to relax in the health and beauty purposes. The effectiveness of massage is based on the power and the magic touch. But over time, this craft is in decline, it disappears just when the demand for it has grown extraordinarily. Modern...




Long before the West realized the magical power of massage, oriental country with inherent wisdom always used it. Throughout human history massage used to relax in the health and beauty purposes. The effectiveness of massage is based on the power and the magic touch. But over time, this craft is in decline, it disappears just when the demand for it has grown extraordinarily.

Modern life, with its rush and countless occasions to stress is the need in the way to relieve stress. Today, a variety of massage techniques again at the peak of popularity. And in our life swiftly includes a unique invention of our time – a massage chair.

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In the East, the organs and systems of the human body healed impact on the meridian points of acupuncture or shiatsu. The term “shiatsu” literally means “finger pressure”. This improving technique, which has its roots in antiquity, in the twenty-first century was the basis for the massage chair technology.

Today in vogue right livelihood, because good health – the key to success in life and prosperity. Successful and happy person means, as a rule, well-groomed, smart and tough. Therefore, the massage chair was a prestigious acquisition, which perfectly fit into the modern interior.

Armchairs different needs, different chairs are important.

So, you are ripe for acquisition of a massage chair. But first ask yourself for what purpose you need it? The answer to this question will depend on a lot. Relaxation, comfortable relaxing full body massage, intensive massage for the back: Responses can be many. Listen to our advice, because the massage chair – it’s a serious investment. This technique is usually not purchased for one year

Motor – heart massage chair.

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Motors are just as important for your massage chair, a good engine for the car. Their power depends on the quality and effectiveness of the procedures and the longevity of the chair. It is better to rely on manufacturers producing their own engines (there are firms that collect only chairs, buying components on the side). The massage chair equipped with multiple independently operating motors last longer. Since the engines wear out much slower.

Specials (more) motors may be responsible for a specific type of massage, therefore, these chairs are more functional.

Such necessary rollers

It is important to whether the number of commercials embedded in the mechanism of a massage chair? Yes important. Some manufacturing companies consider each individual roller wheel, and some are more honest, is considered as one entire clip rotating part. So do not hurry to rejoice, if you call a very large number of rollers.

Important nuances. Rollers can be a lot, but if they are controlled by only one engine, then they are rolled along the concrete “curves” of your body. Maybe a little, but they are able to generate up to 50 degrees of correspondences on the body lines for exact hit in the shoulder area, back and other areas. And for each zone operates a particular set of clips – it’s a good seat! On the effect of the massage effect of the roller mechanism design itself rollers the size and material of which it is made.

The word “massage” comes from the Arabic “mass”, which means “to press softly.”

All methods are good!

High-quality massage chair – is not that where a lot of ways to massage, and one in which using an optimal combination of massage methods implemented achieved the best effect. What, then, massages can please have a massage chair?

Spot influence – pressure on specific acupuncture points perfectly relaxes the body, gives the influx of vitality. The massage chairs manufactured Takasima effect of acupuncture massage enhances the function of tapping: shock movement that weaken the muscle tension, increase vitality and flexibility of muscles and stimulate blood flow to the deep.

Roller impact – videos, moving up and down along the spine to stimulate nerve endings and help reduce muscle pain in the back. High-tech massage chairs allow you to select the most optimal roller impact with the remote control, namely to set an area massazhiruemoy surface, adjust the force and speed of impact.

Air impact – uses special pads that grip the muscles. This device is perfectly relaxes tired muscles, including the waist, buttocks, thighs and calves.

Vibromassage – Special vibrodiski to massage legs, back, buttocks, or integrated massage affect the body at a certain speed. Vibromassage ons, or, on the contrary, it calms nerves too excited.

A variety of massage pleasure.

Modern massage chairs provide an opportunity to enjoy the many types of massage. Very popular technique of “hand massage”: using special cylinders can be felt kneading, effleurage or pressing fingers.

Efficiency is different and rub massage – it helps improve blood circulation throughout the body, reduces muscle tension, rapid delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all vital organs. The chair offers quality pulverizing massage, you can really relax.

Natural leather or a substitute?

Each manufacturer, based on our own experience in sales and marketing research, leans in favor of one or another material. Leather and vinyl have different properties, but there are advantages in both. Massage Chair with heating function, tend to have a vinyl coating, because the leather can not withstand repeated heating and can crack.

Synthetic materials used in the manufacturing of massage chairs have elastic properties, which favorably affects the service life of a massage chair. Make no mistake, if you offer to buy a massage chair in leather for obviously attractive low price. That is how the manufacturer is trying to get a few hundred extra dollars for the “genuine leather” without warning of possible cracks in the coating and a rapid deterioration of the material. Also with great caution should choose a massage chair, made of composite materials. This chair is possible uneven wear of components due to the natural aging of the chair, and natural skin deformation.

Everything’s under control.

Some massage chairs have the speed control function, but do not have the ability to control the intensity of the massage. Or vice versa. You have the right to dictate to chair their preferences – namely, much to massage a certain strength and impact speed. Therefore, when selecting the massage chair makes sense to pay attention to the availability of monitoring possibilities.

Additional functions and features.

As a rule, manufacturers with a good reputation in the market, offering a model in the product line of massage chairs, equipped with exclusive technologies. Modern massage chairs (and some Takasima company model, in particular) have a built-in function of the body scan. Special sensors are able to for a few minutes to determine the height, weight, body composition and create an individual massage program by placing rollers under your physique. Using the computer program can be measured by the level of perspiration, heart rate and body temperature.

Computer LCD-panel, built-in seat, shows the process of system operation at the time when you enjoy a massage. This element of the massage chair is no longer considered a novelty, but it is present everywhere.

Massage as a treatment means healing the whole person – body and soul, so special models of massage chairs have built-in Hi-Fi stereo equipment with surround sound effect. My favorite music or the singing of birds on the background of nature sounds accompany massage, doubling the therapeutic effect.

Automatic or manual adjustment of the program?

What are the automatic programs are offered in a particular model of the chair? This question need to find an answer before buying a chair. The larger the program, the better? Yes, however, should make a correction: you can offer the chair with automatic over-limit the number of programs, which greatly increases the cost of the chair! It may be more correct to choose a compromise? Buy something in between, and the speed and width of the target area coverage adjusted manually? It is more individually!

Many massage chairs offer a combined, for example roller massage, vibrating the air and launched a program of massage. It is not always satisfied with the user, who has the right to decide what kind of massage and a massage power suits him the most. But for those who do not have experience in managing a massage chair, be sure to begin acquaintance with the equipment to explore the possibilities of automatic (preset) massage programs.

Solutions: is there an alternative?

Does your apartment (cottage, cabin, health facility) enough space to install a massage chair? The massage chair can be enough headroom, and not always easy to find a free place in the bedroom or the office for him. Discuss with your family (staff) who work with you to solve the issue of buying a massage chair, the equipment will be used in any room. If you choose a chair with a recliner, you must keep in mind that it can not be installed next to the wall. Some massage chairs equipped with wheels, and it is convenient to move from room to room. This massage chair is ideal for those who are willing to change the situation in the apartment (for example, moving a chair from the living room to another room, where guests gather in it).

If you do not have enough space (or to spend money on a chair you have not yet decided), it may be the perfect tool for you to become a massage cape? Of course, these capes massage (also called massage cushions) do not have all the functionality inherent in the massage chair, but it is a good alternative to buying, perfectly fit into the budget. Portable massage cape can be accommodated on any office chair, a chair or car seat. Small clips sewn under the upholstery of the massage cushion, moving counter-clockwise, rotate gently, providing desired therapeutic effect and stretching problem zones. This technical device perfectly cope with the main types of massage, and will be your loyal assistant.

Attention, limited!

Massage chair can enjoy almost any person, without the risk of harm to health, except in certain cases – should not do a massage chair in young children, pregnant women, women up to a month after giving birth, or during menstruation. Do not use the massage chair for people suffering from serious heart disease, high blood pressure and varicose veins.

Before using the following categories of users chairs should consult a physician: suffering from diseases of the spine, as well as having a spinal injury as a result of undergoing an accident or illness. Consultation and expert patients with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bones (increased fragility of bones).

In order to avoid possible complications, it is better not to use massage chair sick people, which is shown to bed, as well as high temperature and if you feel unwell. Caution is needed to be, and those who suffer from skin diseases and allergies.

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